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Kewl Zeal Visions

View the wonders of a creative mind. Be amazed by the sights of gracefulness. Experience something new when you step into the world of Kewl. Nothing will ever be the same anymore. Beauty can stretch far beyond the naked eye’s view, so let your imagination take you beyond the ordinary. No telling where this life will take you! Imagine the creativity! Enjoy the arts! Love the moment !

 Mission Statement The purpose of Kewl Zeal Visions is to spread love, joy, and unity through the enthusiasm of coloring, expanding the depths of creative minds, educating the soul and bringing the body peace. Brief History Tyrell Jaron is an educator of life, artist by night and a full time activist. Born in the harsh winter of 1989 on a cold December night in Atlanta, Georgia. Jaron was brought here to bring about a magnificent change in the minds of those around. Being the youngest child of both his parents, Jaron quickly learned to play with the cards life would deal. Not letting the odds beat him, Jaron has become a striving successful product of his environment, still deeply rooted in his community while pressing toward a higher mark and calling. Destination My goal is to place a Kewl Zeal Visions' coloring book in every human hand in the world. This will help spread massive joy and unity through coloring and setting the imagination free to be creative and great. When coloring a Kewl Zeal book your mind will be opened to a realm of endless possibilities and encouraged with words of wisdom and love. Coloring is for everybody and Kewl Zeal Visions is for the people. “Children of ALL ages.” Contact Information Visit the website to keep up with the latest going on from Kewl Zeal Visions. Here you can join the blog and also download free sample artwork done by myself, Tyrell Jaron. While surfing the website be sure to stop by the online store and purchase your copy of ‘The Adelynn Edition’ today. The link to the store is Thanks for your time, may your day be filled with many blessings.

-Tyrell Jaron